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It is with great excitement that we are launching the Fuse Jr. High retreat, a new event at NRG. The word fuse relates to a charge and it also means a joining. This is our goal for our first ever Jr. High retreat. This event is planned at the start of the school year because we want to charge up students for the rest of the year. We are also partnering with youth groups from other churches for this event.

This year’s Fuse theme is “Beyond”. We will look beyond our past, look beyond our current situation and look beyond ourselves. We believe in the next generation and want them to look beyond.

Our guest speaker, Pastor Matt Schmid, has a passion for the next generation. His charismatic personality and love for Jesus are contagious. We also have a guest worship band leading us for the retreat.

The Fuse Retreat is taking place at Community Pentecostal Church. The program will begin Friday at 7:30pm with a sleepover at the Church that same night. On Saturday morning, we will have breakfast followed by a service. After the service, we will travel by bus to the new indoor trampoline facility, Flying Squirrel, in Ottawa’s east end. We will then head back to the Church for lunch and close with our last service. The retreat will end before dinner on Saturday.

The cost of the retreat is $75.00 (before Nov.1) for the weekend and covers the use of the facility, food, travel, program expense, and fee for the Flying Squirrel (socks included). Students will need to bring their own toiletries, clothing, sleeping bags, and pillows.

We want to host a safe and welcoming event here at the Church, that is why the leadership team of all attending Churches will supervise and chaperone this event.

Your son or daughter will not want to miss this event. We are so thrilled to be having this event and believe it will be a catalyst to see the next generation of students filled with a desire to look beyond!

You will need to have 2 waivers signed, one for the Church that can be handed in upon arrival and the Flying Squirrel waiver which is to be signed online BEFORE the event. Your child WILL NOT be able to participate unless completed. https://blinkfs.idealss.net/eTick/SiteData/Site3085/Splash.html

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Pastor Nick Romain nromain@cpcorleans.ca 613-837-3555 (w)

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  • Nov 17
    7:30 pm
    Nov 18
    5:30 pm